Cable 600v Black Cord

PRODUCT #: 503950, 503925

Product Specification

  • Flexible and tough Seoprene jacket.
  • -50°C to 105°C temperature extremes. 
  • Excellent abrasion, ozone, sunlight, chemical and oil resistance.
  • Non-wicking lightweight polypropylene fillers.
  • Water resistant with high dielectric insulation.
  • Lightweight, long lasting, easy to carry and easy to handle.
  • Fully recyclable and non-hazardous for environmental landfill disposal.
  • Color-coded conductors for easy identification.
  • Used for special uses requiring flexibility and mechanical toughness,
    high environmental resistance and flame retardance.
  • Outdoor applications and suitable and approved for submersion in water.

503950 22378-10-OH 600V 12/3 SEOOW Seoprene
503925 4AWO-1203 600 V 12/3 SEOOW Seoprene